WHY MEMES ANNOY ME (in a non-shout-ey way)



By nature I’m not a negative person, I have negative thoughts and yes I sometimes voice them out loud because if I didn’t I would follow through and be serving a few life sentences in prison right now.  But what really annoys me a simple girl from a part of the country nobody ever remembers are MEMES.  More specifically the most annoying of all MEMES, ‘Follow your dreams’ as exampled above.


What I want to know and ask as I sit here bored at work during the summer months when I’m the only person in the country not holidaying (I’m an unmarried, childless 30 something year old) at my 9-5 job, is WHAT IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANY DREAMS??!!


My issue is that I have a passion for a variety of things none of which I fancy making a hobby out of because a) it might kill the passion b) I don’t care that much about it to want to make it a job. For example I love TV/Books/Movies, anything that doesn’t involve interaction with the human species; but I’m not going to become a producer, write a novel or be film director or god forbid an ‘actor’ dedicated to my craft.


I don’t envy those that have dreams; good for you, well done for following them and making it a living and that you are passionate about what you do. Whilst I don’t feel passionately about my job it doesn’t mean I don’t have a strong work ethic, but what makes my job are the people I work with not the job itself (contradiction, I know, to the above statement where I don’t like interacting with the human species), that keeps me coming back day after day….that and I get paid.


So please do follow your dreams if you have them, but don’t MEME on those that are slightly lost and have no clue as to what they want to do with themselves or even have dreams to follow.


NB…If I did literally follow my dreams I’d be a Private Investigator in the 1940’s, drowning and running not very far.


Have a good day 🙂 xo

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