My Obsessive Personality (That existed before the Internet)

How my brain works

Ah the internet, for all the rubbish out there, the hate and negative comments I feel it has done wonders for my obsessions, the current fad of the day or week that allows me to devour as much information about it as possible by ‘Googling It’ ‘Facebooking’ and using ‘Twitter’ to help quench my thirst for the useless and often random crap I NEED to know. I feel at this point I should have a disclaimer.* 

*I’m not a horrible stalker type of obsessive person who follows people in real life, I’m too shy and timid (hem-hem) to make a nuisance of myself….I also don’t post any comments on those I stalk online 😉

Phew! Glad we got that cleared up.

Anyway as I was saying, as someone who grew up in the 90’s where the term ‘Google It’ did not exist, nor in fact did the term FOMO (which as I’ve recently discovered means ‘fear of missing out’, I’m sure I’ve had this before there was an acronym), my obsessive need for information about everything I was currently into was harder to come by, however did I manage?! (Highlights below on how awesome and difficult the 90’s were for home entertainment).

Believe it or not kids I read and obsessed via news articles, magazines and even TV of the particular celebrity that caught my attention that week.  My first obsession (that I can remember very clearly and probably where it all started), was of my favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan after watching ‘Dilwale Dulhunia Le Jayenge’ at the age of 13. Obviously I fell in love with the floopy hair and dimples and had to KNOW everything about him, have every poster, read any snipped of information I could get my hands on, even if it was a sentence with his name linked to it.

So, in the late 90’s early 00’s my Dad bought a subscription to Sky TV, a new way of watching telly (BN…Before Netflix) and I never looked back, terrestrial telly who now?!  This new found way of TV watching added to my obsessiveness, more than 5 channels! it allowed me to devour all SRK film songs, gossip on B4U Music and Zee, ah the good ‘ole days before YouTube. To this day I find myself tuning into these channels on the odd day I have access to along TV time, remnants of a long forgot about passion.

This trait I’ve been rambling on about, I realised this week as I set up my site and reactivated my Twitter account (@Hayremani), has never really left me.  I still obsess, in more subtle less angry, teenage tantrum kind of ways (expect when there is a full moon, obviously). I still have FOMO, a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I must KNOW everything about what I’m currently interested in, or somehow my life is less complete if I don’t.  This same trait includes this blogging malarkey, as if maybe I’m a little late to a well-established party and need to catch up….begin obsessive reading and stalking.

NB…my stalking ways are not limited solely to celebrity; friends and family are treated the same way. I would like to thank WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for allowing me to feed this horrible habit by allowing me to see when someone was last logged on without replying to me, thank you.

Have a good day 🙂 xo

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