My Dad Makes Friends for Me


Me (right) & My Nutty Sister

Oh the tragedy that is my life. Having had to give up my sister three years ago to her husband, how rude of her to find her one true love, buy a flat in London and move so far away, abandoning me. Hmph.  My life became a little empty, I did everything with her.  The biggest upset, as my closest friends also went about their lives and moved further away was ‘who was I going to go to the cinema with?’ This still plagues me, but that’s a different issue for a different day.

Enter Dad. I must point out at this stage that as a child I had a fairly strict upbringing, as the eldest child I think my parents were trying to set an example through me to my siblings. Safe to say it didn’t work, I’m a bit of a rebel. So, by strict it meant I was allowed to interact with the other kids AT school but wasn’t allowed to interact with them OUTSIDE of school, in case, god forbid, there would also be boys around. Obviously at the age of 12 that meant an orgy was going to take place….I learnt what an orgy was at the age of 22 and shame on you parents for thinking that when I was at such an innocent age. Shame on you.


Me & Papa Hayre – Croatia 2011

















So, bearing in mind I have no friends from before the age of 22, in real life, as Facebook friends don’t count, my Dad believed he needed to find me a replacement ‘brown girl’ for my sister to be friends with. He succeeded, but I won’t give him all the credit, much like an arranged marriage he just introduced us. She hired his taxi when she moved from Mumbai to Scunthorpe….I still don’t think work was a good enough reason to do move here from India, but hey it’s her life, so no judgement!

Thankfully we ended up liking each other (and why wouldn’t she like me I have such a winning personality!). She taught me more about Hindi/Gujarati culture, more than what movies can teach me and I hope I taught her some Punjabi culture, safe to safe the two aren’t that different. We have been friends ever since the introduction and whilst I’ve been to the cinema twice with her and her little boy, she has not quite become the cinema buddy I had envisioned. We are, however, very good friends and I adore her son, he calls me Didi (sister) makes me feel like I’m 16, so always a plus.

So skip forward four years, 2016, my Dad is at it again. His work partner popped over one night and brought his wife, first time I met her, within 5 mins Dad was setting us up.  Another token ‘brown girl’, turns out she doesn’t have as many Asian friends either (by as many I mean none, I have a big family never felt the need to integrate with other brown kids in the community, I like diversity!). So tragic as it may sound at 33 for my Dad to find me friends, so he, himself, can avoid going to watch films with me, I am glad he occasionally intervenes as the new girl has asked me to be her date for ‘Bridget Jones’ Baby’ and I’m quite excited about it. 🙂

NB…If only he put this much energy into find me a suitable boy to marry and have kids with like a good Asian girl before I turned 30 so, in his words, I wasn’t doing his head in today!

Have a good day 🙂 xo

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