I Spend Too Much Time Thinking About My Hair

So as my sister will tell you my hair is a constant source of topic/thought/debate and I’m sure she dreads when I get my next hair appointment, as the week leading up to it will involve texts from me asking (but not limited to) the following;

  1. Shall I get my fringe put back in? If so, full fringe or side fringe?
  2. Shall I keep it short?
  3. Should I keep my middle parting?
  4. Shall I grow it long?
  5. Should I leave it the block colour it is or get some funky colour put in?


On and on it goes.


The irony being that my surname is pronounced ‘hair’ so I’m thinking that my obsession is a genetic thing, it’s not something I can control as its part of my identity…literally! (God knows what will happen if I ever marry, cross that bridge when we get to it).

So I guess the real reason I’m writing this post is to share some pictures of my various different hairstyles I’ve had over the years, as my next hair appointment looms and yet again I’m undecided…that and I think it would help for me to have my photos all in one place for future reference. I’m hoping as and when my sister reads this, she’ll be prepared for me messaging her in the next week before my next appointment.


  1. Long hair, full fringe (2010)


  1. Medium length hair, side fringe (2014)


  1. Short hair (2015)


  1. Middle Parting (2013)


  1. Red Hair


Hmmm decisions, decisions. I’m quite a decisive person (apart from my hair and what I want to ultimately achieve in life) but apart from that I can make decisions. My next appointment has me booked in for a trim as I’m growing my hair out, it’s currently shoulder length, no fringe and a parting that changes depending on how I feel that day. Also I’ve decided to go all exotic with Ombre, may or may not post a picture but below is an example of how I think I will look when it’s done.  Because let’s face it I’m delusional.


  1. How I think I’ll look … obviously.


I’ve shown my sweet, young, new hairdresser and if I don’t look like the above it will be a full year I won’t stop moaning about it!


NB…This post feels a little narcissistic but it’s to really make the point that I can’t be the only one who is this undecided and can’t decide what she wants when her next hair appointment is looming. If anyone has girlfriends or a sister they annoy about this I’m sure they can relate to the dread my sister must feel when I start messaging her about mine.


Have a good day! xo

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