4 Brown, 2 White Weddings and a Funeral – The Year was 2016

Wow, what a year it’s been!

There are so many people talking on social media about what a crappy year 2016 was.  It really hasn’t been better or worse than any other year. It’s just a point of view.

Yes there have been a lot of icons that have died and it has been extremely sad losing members of the celebrity circle that made your childhood. It’s also been a bit of an odd year in politics, Brexit, Trump as the next President but as every year the world moves on and people persevere.

Personally, my year hasn’t been too bad. It didn’t exactly start off well with my Nana dying in January, when you lose a grandparent so early in the New Year it kind of makes you wonder what else the year has to offer.

He would never know but his passing away was also a blessing for me as one of my highlights for 2016 was reconnecting with some first cousins that I hadn’t spoken to in nearly a decade. Very excited about our reunited one year anniversary in February, so thank you Nana!

So this year for me work was extremely busy, I decided to get creative and write blogs which has kept me occupied. As did all the weddings that happened in 2016…and for all those couples who got married it was their best year ever.

Don’t get me wrong, this time last year, knowing 2016 was going to heavy on wedded bliss for many couples, I did have a funk about being single. It annoyed me that people were getting engaged left right and centre and planning the next stages of their lives as a couple. So I decided to get over this and just be happy for the people in my life that this was happening to, I don’t want to end up a bitter and twisted Mrs Havisham type figure in my later life!

So here’s a few pictures of 2016 and all the weddings that made it so hectically busy (all those outfits!).

  1. March 2016 – Close cousin (she’ll be happy seeing this)


  1. May 2016 – Cousins brother in law (yes, that’s a thing in Punjabi culture)


  1. May 2016 – Neighbours’ daughter (may have accidentally invited myself, as well as my sister gate crashing)



  1. July 2016 – Other cousins brother in law (this is getting exhausting)


  1. September 2016 – March cousins brother in law (not so exhausting had a couple of months to recover and only had to go to Leeds)


  1. September 2016 – Friend’s wedding, she made me dress up as an Indian (phew last one of the year!)


NB…note that I do have pictures of all the bride and grooms on their special days throughout the year but all the selfies I took in all my outfits seemed too good not to share, so enjoy! And bring on 2017 when my brother gets married J

Have a good day xo

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