Odd Things Punjabi’s Do

Actually, I’m pretty sure that most Asians do this, so not specifically relating to Punjabi’s here!

So, recently my mum’s friend came round, it was Lohri and she dropped off some Indian Sweets, ladoo, my fav, full of sugar and so delicious. Obviously my mum makes the best homemade ones. She’s so renowned that every time there is a function on in town or within the family she’s asked to make a batch.

Just to explain, Sikhs celebrate Lohri because a lot of Sikhs are from the Punjab, correct me if I’m wrong (and it’s been known to happen) but it’s not a religious festival more a celebrating the end of winter beginning of spring in North India, where Punjab is. As a side note, in recent history it has become known to be the celebration of a baby boy within an Asian household, not something I’m going to comment on in this particular post BUT yes I do have major issues with that sentiment!

So back to my post, I noted down the things I’m all too accustomed to within an Asian household but still make me laugh as I witness them.

  1. Punjabi’s don’t understand the concept of NO.

Best Scenario to explain this one;

Mum ‘bring your aunty a cup of tea’

Aunty ‘don’t worry beta, I’m leaving soon and still have to eat when I get home don’t get me tea’

Mum ‘bring your aunty a cup of half tea’

Aunty ‘no really, I have to go home and have my dinner, it will ruin my appetite’

Mum ‘bring your aunty a cup of half tea and a biscuit’


On and on it goes! Safe to say aunty has half a cup of tea and several biscuits before leaving.


  1. The crazy person dash around the house to clean up when you know someone is ‘popping over’ in a few minutes! God forbid it looks like we live in our house! Pictures speak a thousand words, please can you tell me if you SPOT THE DIFFERENCE;


  1. Mum and Aunty complimenting each other on how ‘fit’ they are looking. Discussing their work out routines (said Aunty having bought us ladoo, refer to sugary snack). Discuss their fitness regimes, then talk about the butter they eat in the curries with their 5 rotis!


  1. The constant need by aunty to remind you how thin you are child. You should eat more and the hinting that because you still live at home with parents that you shouldn’t be eating the way they are i.e. just because they are vegetarian doesn’t mean you have to be. I know…I decided at 20 to be a vegetarian…my choice 14 years ago! Also, feeling it’s okay to ask how much you weigh and then not believing you when you tell them!


  1. Gossiping for hours about the community in town and the comings and goings of those who attend religious mass at the local Gurdwara…end that conversation with ‘Ah well what does it matter to us?!”


NB…There are so many oddities to a Punjabi mentality, but you got to love them!


Have a good day xo




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