The World is Not Designed for Single People

Not all single women on the 14th February sit sticking needles into voodoo dolls of Cupid and cursing all the sickly loved up relationships in the world.

But, prior to the now over commercialised Valentine’s Day (and no I’m not bitter and twisted that I’m single, nor am I a potential crazy cat lady….I don’t like cats!) I realised that the world is not designed for single people and here’s a list of reasons why.


  1. Booking a hotel room for 1 – we get screwed over! We have to pay FULL price…the same price that TWO people can share! How is that fair??


  1. Cinemas – whilst I admit that going to the cinema on your own is fine, it’s the ‘lovey dovey’ saps that ruin it for everybody and I’m sorry did you come to watch T2 Trainspotting to pro-create? If it was the latter why pay to do that at the cinema when you can do that in the comfort of your own home.


  1. Going abroad – this may be 2017 but some women would not feel comfortable travelling alone. Those who do I applaud you, it’s not something I could do, but even if you do the rooms…again…are designed for couple or families. You will see two or more people walking about and at breakfast, dinner and tea (or lunch/dinner if you’re from the south). No-one wants to talk to a loner.


  1. Grocery shopping – this is a BIG annoyance, when you find a recipe you love, the servings are usually for FOUR plus!! Everything you buy at a supermarket is designed for more than one person. Even if you buy small portions, it not only costs you more but more than likely you won’t use it all in a week and it goes off, especially true of fresh fruit and veg! So conclusion, you can only be single if you’re loaded.


  1. Living alone – trying to find a place to buy or rent on your own (today) is so much harder than it was even 10 years ago. You either make the decision to be a grown up and independent and give up a LIFE which you then can’t afford because you’re the only breadwinner, or you live with family or in shared accommodation to have a LIFE. Tough choice. I’m currently veering towards still going on holiday and affording nice things but soon I’ll have to make that leap to independence. Why? Because society dictates that I should not live at home with mum and dad at 34.


NB…It’s not an extensive list, there will be other points but these five are my current biggest bug bears. Yes, the world is great but is unfair at the same time, especially if you’re single and on a budget! Also, please couples of ALL kind enough with the PDA already we get it you’re in love but there’s a time and place eh?!


Have a good day xo

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