Stupid Questions from Online Dating

It’s no secret that I have a couple of profiles on various dating websites. I’ve tried all the mainstream Asian ones and even paid for them, they haven’t worked out.

I’ve even tried closed Facebook groups and currently as a last resort trying Plenty of Fish. The good thing about the latter is that at least they’re free, and just because they are doesn’t mean they are full of weirdos, I came across plenty of those on the paid for sites and it wasn’t like I was paying a tenner for the privilege!

So, part of me wondered why I’m still online, actually the real reason is that whilst I know online dating ultimately won’t work for me (I have a strong gut feeling about this) it doesn’t hurt to put out positive vibes into the universe to at least try and find someone. Or get a few dates, ‘cos hey a girls gotta eat right?! BUT the real reason (don’t judge me) is that its good blogging material right (is that mean of me!!!???) Ah well.

I’ve had a couple of messages from people and I found myself getting bored by the same banal questions over and over that I just ignored them and decided to write about them…because that’s normal!

  1. What are you looking for?

A unicorn, I came online to find a mystical magical creature and will probably have more luck finding that than a decent human man at this rate.

  1. Can you send me a picture?

Granted I don’t put many pictures up, I obviously (like everyone else) put up the best ones. On WhatsApp I do have a picture of myself (currently the one above), not some weird slogan so you can see my face when we message. If I send you a picture don’t keep asking for more it’s irritating and my face hasn’t changed in between the two minutes since I sent the last one! (Actually I lie I look this like….)

  1. What do you like doing?

Apparently saying everything isn’t a valid answer. I’m a fairly easy going woman, I’m up for anything (non-kinky of course). But when you ask me this all I can say is Netflix and sleeping. I do have a full life and as bad as it sounds I don’t want to reel off a list of things I do, its dull and it’s not like I’ve done them with you pal, maybe we should do things together see what happens?

  1. So you’re a veggie?

Seriously, I’ve just told you I am, don’t ask me this. And no I’m not a rabbit who just eats rabbit food! Meat is not the answer to all life’s problems or the way to save people from starvation. Get over it, there is plenty of interesting food for me to eat.

  1. Wow, your tall, are your parents tall?

No, no they are not, see the way DNA and genetics work is…..idiot.

  1. How are you?

I get that this is just a normal question to ask and really when people ask this it’s the same as saying ‘hello’ but does anybody actually want to know how I’m feeling, because believe me if the answer I give isn’t ‘I’m fine’ or ‘great’ you’ll not want to know.

  1. You’re so pretty, how come you’re still single?

Because I’m a psychopath. Enough said.

I’m not a girl that needs a man to be happy, believe me I’m plenty happy and content and I love myself and my life. It doesn’t hurt to try though, but even that isn’t working for me…I like to think that I’m Deepika Padukone’s character in one of my favourite films ‘Yeh Jeewani Hai Deewani’ when Ranbir Kapoor’s character ‘Bunny’ tells her she’s not made for flirting but made for love…cheesy maybe but possibly sums me up haha!!!

NB… feel like I’m being judgemental and maybe it’s just that I’ve been online a while and its getting a bit tedious and dull but these questions are really irritating. Is it just me?? Hmmm, maybe.

Have a good day xo


  1. Emma
    May 26, 2019 / 7:37 pm

    Wow, what kind of questions are you expecting from a stranger? How do you find a common ground with zero information? Those questions are super easy to answer, and if the person on the other end has anything interesting about them the conversation just takes on a life of its’ own from there. Granted, if I manage to get to the end of the standard questions and there’s still nothing to light my fire then that person is out. It’s the “what three words describe you best?” “name 5 things that would intrigue me about you” ones that trigger me. And “what are you looking for?” is something I always ask because I’m not into hook ups or casual and I want to weed those sh!@@ers out.

    • manihayre
      May 26, 2019 / 8:21 pm

      Thanks for reading and commenting. I wrote this a couple of years ago when these questions always led to the mundane ‘lets shag’ rhetoric and was never about getting to know me. My frustration boiled over to write he post on the most useless questions that never lead to a real conversation. I would purposefully write a fact in my bio an obsure one to see if anyone had read it and 9/10 never did just got a bit tiresome. I like your suggestions tho!

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