22.05.2017 – Remembering Manchester

I was unsure whether or not I wanted to write this. I’m a bit of a coward in that I try to stay away from writing about anything political or religious or world news, because who wants to read more about that and does my opinion really matter?

But this week was different.

I woke up on the 23rd May and as per any other morning I checked the notifications on my phone from overnight, I saw an Instagram post with #Manchester, I didn’t understand so I closed my app and had a quick look at Twitter where I saw more about what had happened.

I dove straight to BBC News website to find out exactly what had occurred the night before, whilst I was sleeping, and I cried. A lot.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve cried about tragic events in the past and I care about those too, it’s becoming an all too familiar feeling the feeling of sorrow and hurting for the way the state of humanity appears to be headed.

I was upset after Westminster, Paris, Nice, at the Pakistan school massacre in 2014 and many many many more, but Manchester hit me hard. Even now I can’t explain it, but if I was to try it was because of the age of the victims and the audience at that particular concert.

I was also angry that ‘Muslims’ was trending within 30 minutes of #Manchester. Will there ever be a day that an entire faith isn’t going to be trending when a horrible thing happens?

People will comment and disagree and call me a terrorist sympathiser because I along with many thousands do not blame one group of people for the act of some dickhead nutter who has no place in this world.

The reason I was sad and angry that Muslims was trending was because it’s a vicious cycle of people NOT thinking about what shite they post online.

They post about a group of people they know nothing about. They quote verses from the Qu’ran without really knowing if it’s real or fake. They quote about how Muslims need to act and stop what’s happening. They quote as if they’ve studied all religious texts and understand the content in order give their hateful opinions. On and on it goes.

Enough already.

Why are you people hiding behind a keyboard typing hate and vile things into the world? 22 people, the youngest was an 8 year old girl, died! Your thoughts should be towards them, not towards your social media outlets typing any crap you can think of to say in 140 characters.

I want to ask you, how many Muslims have wronged you personally that you feel the need to attack them, verbally or physically? You are more likely to be hit by a car than by a Muslim.

I’m not even attempting to pretend I know about Islam, Muslims or other religions because I don’t. Neither do you my friends.

People need to learn to think critically, stop with the hate. Stop being sheep and following whatever crap you are fed through social media and via other news outlets. The world runs on those who have money and power and they use fear as a way to control the masses and you are buying into it.

The guy’s name should never have been made public, along with any of the other arseholes who commit such crimes, we need to remember the victims, their family and friends and what they are going through.

We need to remember those who selflessly helped the dying and injured who ran toward the arena to not only look for their own but to help wherever possible and comfort children who were disorientated and frightened. We need to remember the taxi drivers, emergency services, paramedics, nurses, doctors who were trying to save those who were injured.

Remembering how good ordinary people responded doesn’t make it less painful for those who lost loved ones or any of us that it affected, but it does slowly restore your faith in humanity, because as a collective group we are much stronger united and spreading love than we are hate.

NB…Just STOP and THINK. Educate yourselves without hate or bias and you might just be a better person for it. Remember those who died. Make a contribution via the Red Cross website https://beta.redcross.org.uk/appeal/manchester-emergency-fund to help those families in a very small way.

Have a good day xo


  1. May 29, 2017 / 8:49 am

    Such a great read! Saw this on twitter and l thought l should give it a read. Honestly very well written!

    • manihayre
      May 29, 2017 / 10:12 am

      Thank you so much 🙂 means a lot. Was a very upsetting week so wrote as honestly as I could. Thanks for sharing lovely! X

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