Social Media Superficiality

Okay, before we start with this particular post, I was quite pleased with myself for the title and the word ‘superficiality’, which no word of a lie I thought I had invented, and turns out I didn’t. I’m pretty bummed about it.

So moving on, the reason for this post started because of my sister. She’s a Manager for Mencap and recently shared a video about Autism on her Facebook page, it got zero likes. Three days previously she posted a picture of her and her husband at my brother’s wedding and it got over 40…hmmm, something not right there.

This post is also coinciding with a story of a 26 year old woman who claims to be ‘too attractive’ for dating as men find this off putting.

So it led me to think about social media in general, our obsession with filters & pictures and likes and how and when did we become obsessed with them?

The girl I mentioned above has nearly 30k followers on Instagram and I was intrigued, she’s a beautiful woman, yes, with the most enviable hair, but her feed was just selfies, they were almost identical to one another. So how, how did this woman have 30k followers? Also, proved her point of men thinking she was a bit shallow, if she had more substance would her feed not be less selfie obsessed?

Not just her, but younger girls, with thousands of people following them on social media and getting over 200 likes for the ‘dog’ snapchat filter (btw the WORST of all the filters), one after another after another, all pictures looking the same? Is it me, am I just getting too old to understand why people like this stuff?

I got 26 likes on a post once and I was ecstatic. Ironically, I was back from the gym and on a non-work day so had NO makeup on and slightly greasy hair scraped back. Looking through my Facebook to when I joined getting 1 like made me just as happy.

My real worry is why are young girls and women so afraid of looking like themselves? Where are all the unfiltered, no makeup selfies (and not just for charity causes, where we know you’re still wearing mascara).

My other concern is why are all these young girls beginning to look the same? No-one ever smiles everyone has amazing big filled in eyebrows, big lips, contoured faces and not a single hair out of place? Is this normal? Last I checked my eyebrows hadn’t been touched in a few months, I wear makeup begrudgingly for weddings and dates and my lips are my lips…no filler.

Hey don’t get me wrong, of course I like to post pictures of myself when I look good and share those over the ones where I look crappy, but in doing so are we conveying a message to young girls that you have to look a certain way to be happy and be ‘liked’? Social media likes should not count towards our self-esteem.

It’s something I’ve said and will repeat until I die but not all social media is good, there’s a reason there is a rise in depression and body image issues among young men and women. It was bad enough in the 90s feeling self-conscious next to the prettiest girls in school in real life, but NOW everyone’s the prettiest girl in school … yet it somehow seems fake.

NB…Just some thoughts I wanted to share around ‘likes’ maybe we ought to take back social media and make it less obsessed with how we look? I know I’m a little guilty of the rise in selfies but I’m making a conscious effort to at least be myself.

Have a good day xo

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