Kingsman – The Golden Circle (2017)


Don’t say I didn’t warn you…don’t read any further, watch the film and come back to me!

The Kingsman goes stateside.

When I watched the first movie back in 2015, I wasn’t entirely sure what it was about, hadn’t heard much about it but absolutely fell in love with it (watched it on a plane back from Mexico).

It reminded me of the Roger Moore take on James Bond gone a bit wild. He always had a tongue in cheek manner in which he portrayed 007, hence why he was so iconic and definitely my favourite Bond actor.

Kingsman, The Golden Cirle took that one step further, we have briefcases substituting as guns and umbrellas acting as bullet proof guards, all in the all the action steps it up a notch!

The Golden Circle is no exception to the first movie, it doesn’t hold back on the action, the opening fight sequence doesn’t give you chance to breath with the first 10 minutes of the film seeing Eggsy fighting off an ex-class mate with a robotic arm in a black cab around London.

As Merlin our techie for the Kingsman, notes it wasn’t just a revenge mission for ex Kingsman recruit Charlie. The bigger picture is revealed to be that of a Drug ‘Queen’pin, if you will, played by a brilliant Julianne Moore who is the head of a drug cartel, the Golden Circle, in a deep forest in Cambodia, with the right amount of humour and evil chill factor bemoaning the fact she’s the richest businesswoman in the world and nobody knows who she is.

So she decides to kill of most of the Kingsman, leaving Merlin and Eggsy to seek help from their American cousins, the ‘Statesman’.  They head to Kentucky.

Enter Channing Tatum as ‘Tequila’ I’d seen him on the posters and trailers so was a bit surprised he wasn’t in it as much as you would expect. With the plot revolving around Julianne Moore’s ‘Poppy’ lacing her drugs so that there are 4 slow stages to death, to which she holds the world to ransom as she’s the only one with the cure, Tequila is a recreational drug user who is put into a deep freeze until the cure is procured.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve never been too fussed about seeing Channing Tatum in a movie, there were plenty of other dishy actors in the Kingsman I didn’t really notice his absence too much. Not to objectify (okay a little even though I hate when men do this to women…double standards I know!) but there’s nothing like a well-tailored suit on a guy…especially guys doing action sequences that gets a girls heart racing.

A couple of down sides, I did NOT enjoy that sex scene with Taron Egerton and Poppy Delevingne it was just unnecessarily graphic.  This is one part I’m not going into too much detail but it was a bit gross and it does always amaze me that actresses go along with shit like this. It was pretty much the only reason she was there right?

The other being I didn’t quite understand Halle Berry playing the American ‘Merlin’. Her role seemed very underdeveloped and they could’ve done more than showing her apply odd medical treatments to save agents brains from ‘fatal’ shots to the head, was she a medical professional as well as their gadget woman, maybe I missed something?!

Obviously, Colin Firth is back as Harry Hart, but we didn’t need the film to know he survived his shot to the head at the end of the first film as he’s plastered all over the posters and spotted in the trailers. I for one only watch this film for Colin Firth, the man just gets better with age. I love the dynamic between him and Eggsy, it carries through from the first film, even if he does have to pretend to shoot a puppy.

Mark Strong is also back as Merlin the dependable sidekick gadget whizz, who unfortunately I don’t think even the magic gel that fixed Colin Firth can revive. (I may have welled up here).

Elton John’s cameo was ridiculous and surprisingly very funny and a bit unexpected, I’d done no reading up on the film prior so was an oddly pleasant surprise.

Other cameos were Jeff Bridges as the head of the Statesman, he didn’t make much of an impact on me, just organised the troops (I only remembered he was in the film after re-watching the trailer…oops!).

Also, thanks to my binge watching this summer of Game of Thrones I now recognise Pedro Pascal, who plays another agent, Whiskey, there’s something not quite trustworthy about him, but the fight sequences with him and the lasso are pretty entertaining, if not a bit daft.

All in all I loved this sequel, it had me crying with laughter, cringe and even tear up (puppies and Mark Strong is all I’m saying).

Intrigued to see Channing Tatum heading to the UK in a well fitted suit…let’s see what the 3rd installment has to offer, less ‘fingering’ please!

NB…Definitely the best part of the whole movie is the soundtrack! It’s a silly film, just watch it and be entertained with some great actors doing silly stunts to a brilliant accompaniment of music!

Enjoy xo

Mani’s Madness Rating 4.5/5

Images courtesy of Kingsman The Golden Circle Official IMBD

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