Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

So I’ve been trying to break up for a while … with my phone*.

(*Irony (noun) using a memo on my phone to write half this blog)

It just won’t let me with its notifications and pings making me need to act immediately. It’s most likely just another birthday reminder or event I’m not interested in by Facebook. Sigh!

I wonder if others can relate. Our phones are ruling our lives. I grew up as a teenager in the 90s without a phone, I’m struggling to remember how I filled my time. I mean I know I read a lot and watched the 5 channels we had but what did I do on weekends or at night without YouTube or Insta videos?

Did I actually sleep?! Actually that answer I do know….big fat NO to sleeping as I would’ve been too absorbed in a book.

I don’t remember talking to people, I’m an Indian girl I wasn’t allowed to speak (ha ha!), maybe I spent more time playing with my siblings than I remember?! I’ll ask they’ll possibly enlighten me.

Back to my phone. Damn you with your sexy curves and edges.

Has anyone else on that rare occasion left their phone at home when at work and felt like they’ve lost a physical part of themselves when they realised?

It’s hard to describe, it’s unnerving not having your phone at close proximity right? That slight panic that the most important call/email/text of your life is waiting for you?

Skip ahead to 8 hours when you arrive home and run to your room searching for your beloved…and guess what the little fucker has no notifications, it’s blank not a single flashing light. What…the…heck!?

The feeling of no messages, nobody tagging you or tweeting at you, no emails (not even SPAM) when you are reunited is, I’m not gonna lie, a little crushing to your self-esteem.

If I was to keep my phone on me all day at work and the same was to happen, no messages or pop-ups I don’t know why but I wouldn’t feel nearly as crushed! What is that about?!

When I lived in Scunthorpe with mum and dad I often took breaks from my phone and I was getting used to not being so needy about having it on me all the time. I was starting to feel very proud of my achievement. Don’t get me wrong it would still be in the same room as me as mum would forget we had a house phone and call my mobile, but I didn’t check it all the time. The need to scroll was much less strong living at home.

Since I’ve moved, my relationship with my phone has intensified, not lessened. It’s definitely not healthy! I mean I’m getting better the longer I’ve lived in Birmingham but the first 2 months it had to be on me all the time. I wouldn’t allow for it to stay upstairs or in the living room if I was in the kitchen or vice versa.

I have calmed down slightly now and don’t feel the need to take it room to room with me, I’m happy to leave it and get back to it. I’ve found that it’s like a boiling pot the more I watch it the less it will boil…or ping in this case.

NB…I’m definitely spending less time scrolling (except Twitter) and watching less YouTube videos but the constant need to pick it up and check if there are any messages (I can see there aren’t!) is starting to annoy me. I need to start weaning myself off!  Tips please!!

Have a good day xo

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  1. November 6, 2017 / 2:34 am

    I definitely don’t get twitter. As for the phone, a bit of a life saver when you’re hanging around as much as I am at the mo! Need it for my pictures and Pinterest and of course blog x

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