The Year of Firsts – My 2017

Well, what a year it’s been.

I haven’t written in a while and this blog was hard going. I feel as though I’ve achieved so much and so little all at the same time. But I’m writing this blog as someone who has observed my life as opposed to living it to help me be a bit more reflective on my year.

As was 2016 politics has been scary, icons have passed and we’ve had some horrible horrible tragedies in the way of Manchester, London, and Grenfell Tower.

Me personally, the year hasn’t been too bad. My brother married in Easter, one of my best friends had her first baby and someone very dear to me is expecting next year. All in all good news all around.

Looking back I realise that that my most personal blog ‘My Arranged Marriage’ that I wrote whilst in a funk towards the end of 2016, not only changed my life in terms of me finally dealing with my feelings but also looking back was the reason I moved from Scunthorpe (out of mum and dads) to Birmingham, without marrying…am I even Indian!?!

2017 for me looking back was definitely a year of firsts. So enjoy my journey whilst I look back at what I’ve achieved and feel as if I’m no longer lagging behind in the race for life. (Except the whole unmarried and childless part but let’s put a pin in that shall we…mother!?!).

January – Hull Life

I had to add this in as it’s silly but my first ‘night out’ in Hull for my birthday. My sister came to visit, so the two of us and our two closest friends went out. The four of us, no boyfriends or husbands and the night felt as if it was 2012 before my sister got married and my friends had their own places and moved so far away!

The night was a bit of a disaster as nobody goes out mid-January. My birthday is the 24th, a month after Christmas and a few days before payday. About 10 years ago ‘scientists’ declared it the most depressing day of the year. Screw you guys! I still maintain we had a fun night out haha!

February – Abu Dhabi

So February was a little more exciting than Hull, it was my first solo trip – I flew to Abu Dhabi, my first alone holiday to visit a friend. Oh my god I have international friends!

March – Living it up in Stoke

I, my sister and two friends met again two months later (a bloody miracle at this rate!) and had an epic night out in Stoke for my sister’s birthday. Safe to say it was much more exciting than Hull! And that’s saying something :).

We were also on a roll on meeting regularly, I mean who were we becoming?!

April – My Brother’s Wedding

My baby brother got married. He had a civil ceremony, my family and I experienced our first very much organised wedding. An English ceremony with a 3-course meal and speeches. Until the dancing started, that was definitely full-on Punjabi!

May – Big Decision

This was the month I had an interview in Birmingham for a publication I was writing for (again all thanks to my marriage post). I decided to take the job and move to Birmingham. Incurring a bit of a financial risk, but one I knew I had to take as I was getting too comfortable with my life and unless I changed something, it would remain comfortable for a very long time.

August & September – Big Move

I moved to Birmingham (read my post about my first week). I cried a lot! But it also forced me to mingle and do things by myself.

By September I knew I’d moved for the wrong job but for the right reasons so there was no chance of moving back home. I had to start thinking long-term.

Having not really made many workmates or integrated because I was struggling with being by myself, it’s ironic that I made friends by doing things by myself. I attended a comedy night and met a new friend, Sukh Ojla. Through Twitter, I came across a diverse improv group – Jumprov and started following the founder, Sunny Dhap.

I made two Birmingham based blogger pals who made me feel so welcome!

October to December – New Beginnings

I applied for plenty of full-time jobs and by mid-November landed on my feet knowing full well the job I moved for was definitely not going to work full time, not if I wanted to keep my self-esteem intact.

So I end the year content. Made some major life changes, some bits I’ve left out as they’re not for people to know but watch this space.

NB…Not as short as I wanted the blog to be but when I’ve looked back through my calendar it’s been a bit of a crazy one! Can’t wait to see what 2018 brings!

Have a good day xo

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