Book Etiquette

When you finish reading a book and getting to love the characters and the story, it stays with you and I don’t know about you but I experience the cycle of despair when I finish, which is perfectly summarised in the above image!

This is a fun blog I should have written months ago after my meeting with Amer Anwar who wrote ‘Western Fringes’ now being released in September as ‘Brothers in Blood’ – amazing read everyone should get it on their book reading list 2018 and I had the same feeling of sadness that the book had ended!

ANYWAY…. If you are a BIG book lover like me you’ll definitely relate to this post and maybe hyperventilate in terms of what I did to this particular book.

In my defence, this book was not an enjoyable read, it started off well and just after the halfway point I think lost its way and I never really finished it. I did the cheating on a book thing and read the last few pages so I knew how it ended without actually caring too much about the stuff I missed, because no matter how bad the book I will still want to know how it ends!

So, as a book lover, there are certain etiquettes to be had when reading (I know I’ve broken a few of these but hey I’m sorry!!).

  1. Bending the spine

I remember my brother once lent me his copy of Game of Thrones book 1 back in Croatia (at least I think that’s what the book was) and he kept telling me off because I was bending the spine and should be reading it with the book open just enough to read BUT not too much….sigh!

  1. Folding the page

This I cannot stand. Bookmarks were invented for a reason USE THEM! Or at least use a receipt you have lying around. If the book comes with a cover, use the sleeve, common sense people!

  1. Upside down bookmarker

This is worse than folding the page as it also BENDS the spine (although I do, do this too on occasion), but again this is not acceptable book etiquette for not losing your page. Either memorise your page number OR use a bookmark.

  1. Highlighting

I guess the ONLY exception is textbooks, but even this stresses me out. Highlighting and writing in the margins may be helpful but you could always use a post-it or an additional piece of paper! But definitely, don’t do this in a fictional book. I have the outrage of Madam Pince the librarian in Harry Potter when she thinks he’s defiled his copy of Advanced Potion-Making in the Half-Blood Prince.

  1. Borrowing

If you’ve ever borrowed a book from the library you know they have strict guidelines on returning said book unless you want a snotty letter and a fine. Maybe borrowing between friends and family should be the same?? Word of advice NEVER loan your favourite book you know you’ll never get it back. Should point out I’ve got my fair share of borrowed books, please don’t fine me! If you’re one of those good friends that do return borrowed books, then DO NOT tear or do points 1-4 above.

NB…Would you treat your Kindle this way?? Also, I’ve purposefully (and not very cleverly) tried to hide the title of the book I defiled for my photos. I’m going to book hell.

Happy reading!

Have a good day xo


  1. March 11, 2018 / 4:58 pm

    My name is Jeevan, and I bend corners, sorry 😐

    • manihayre
      March 11, 2018 / 7:27 pm

      Omg Jeevan how dare 😯

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