When you finish reading a book and getting to love the characters and the story, it stays with you and I don’t know about you but I experience the cycle of despair when I finish,… View Post

  This probably won’t be a long post, but I saw the hashtag #NewYearNewMe trending on Twitter as it does every New Year and it just irked me. A week into the New Year and… View Post

So I’ve been trying to break up for a while … with my phone*. (*Irony (noun) using a memo on my phone to write half this blog) It just won’t let me with its notifications… View Post

Just to clarify I KNOW I am female before all the smartass comments start rolling in. The question is rhetorical. This blog briefly follows on from my post regarding superficiality and social media and I’ve… View Post

This may come as a surprise given the title of this blog but the ‘minority’ part doesn’t relate whatsoever to my race, colour or gender. Let’s start at the beginning, I recently binged watched Jane… View Post