Well, it’s coming up to that time of year again, Diwali, Halloween, Bonfire Night & Christmas. All social events that happen in the space of a few months! Also a time to feel even more… View Post

This post is not a ‘rant’ about men. I love men. I loved both my Dada & Nana, my dad, my brother, and brother in law.  So I’m surrounded by men I adore. That’s not… View Post

Ah anxiety that old bitch. You may not know it when you meet me but I do suffer from anxiety. It has got a lot better the older I’ve got but it lingers and pops… View Post

So I’ve been trying to break up for a while … with my phone*. (*Irony (noun) using a memo on my phone to write half this blog) It just won’t let me with its notifications… View Post

Just to clarify I KNOW I am female before all the smartass comments start rolling in. The question is rhetorical. This blog briefly follows on from my post regarding superficiality and social media and I’ve… View Post