List of 5 Random Things I’m Not Good At

  1. Being a Pedestrian


This may sound like an odd thing not to be good at but it’s definitely one I suck at being.

The reason this is on my list is that as someone who lives in Scunthorpe, with little access to public transport (I mean come on I don’t live in London)! And having learnt how to drive from an early(ish) age (21); to me driving everywhere is normal.  Don’t get me wrong I hate driving in city centres, you guys have your own rules that we in small towns in the countryside don’t necessarily know, I mean 5 lanes for a roundabout, what?!  Also, don’t get me started on buses and what the protocol is for buzzing the red button for your stop…or if you should have the right change, one bus driver in Manchester told me off for giving him a note!

Anyhow, this I’ve realised as I attend meetings up and down the country and use Google Maps to find my way around as a pedestrian, I realise makes a me a terrible one. I’m all okay getting to the nearest carpark and figuring out how to get my car there, but then the streets look different when I’m walking on them! Case in point, last month I had a meeting in Sheffield, the entrance for the NCP was different to the exit, fair enough, but the pedestrian exit was also different to the carpark exit!  (Another thing I’m rubbish at is finding my way out of multi storey carparks, why aren’t there any arrows for pedestrians?!). I used Google Maps to try to find my way to the offices I needed but I was going the wrong way, some lovely ladies eventually helped put me on track, bless them.

Also, as I’m walking about trying to look like I know where I’m going, what do I do with my arms? This isn’t so much of a problem when I’ve got my handbag and a laptop to carry to meetings but it’s those times I’m a ‘tourist’ and have no such burden, they just swing about, it’s also one of those things, like breathing, that when you become conscious of it you become self-conscious about it! Conundrum! My dilemma is I don’t know how to walk like a normal human, I’m awkward at it.


  1. Keeping on top of my body hair

Pink Razors, why not, even feminists like pink 🙂

Now, I have to state this is no easy feat, I’m genetically wired to be hairy, I’m from an Indian heritage so I’m dark haired anyway, on top of that I’m 5ft11, that’s a lot of leg hair to get through. Also I get bored after half a leg…this might explain my problem. Besides it’s also the hair on my arms, keeping on top of my eyebrows, (thank you beauty mags and celebrities who are flawlessly hair free) who has the time in real life with a full time job?!

My other issue is that I hate shaving; waxing I’m okay with but with that comes the problem of having to growing my leg hair before it’s waxed off. I never time it right for this country; it can go from being like the Artic to the Sahara in 24 hours! So I’m very rarely in dresses or skirts and even with crop trousers I’ll shave up to the point where I need to, i.e. ankles.

I usually only book my appointments for special occasions (events, holiday’s etc). but the one time I shaved outside of a waxing appointment and we were guaranteed hot weather for a week it took me 30 minutes and a blunt razor! Not to be repeated I will sweat it out in jeans!


  1. Remembering Birthdays


I feel like social media has made me stupid, I don’t need to rely on memory to remember birthdays as 9 out of 10 of them are on Facebook and I get a gentle reminder (whether I want one or not) that it’s someone’s birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I have around 200+ ‘friends’ and don’t wish them all happy birthday, only for close friends and family…if they are online. If they aren’t, then I’m sorry it’s your fault I’ve forgot your birthday…I’ve had no reminder!

I also feel I’m one of few people that can get away with texting one of her cousins at 8pm on the day of her birthday to ask if it’s her birthday…she’s still talking to me and hopefully we’re going to NYC together next year so all good.


  1. Being on Time


I’ve tried; I really have to be on time. I get anxious if I’m late but then I’m always late so you’d think I’d be better prepared not to make myself so anxious. I guess I hate being the first one there, I still have, at the age of 33 a fear of walking into pubs by myself, god forbid if I’m the first one there, I usually sit in my car until a mate comes along!

Again, I also think this is a genetic thing, people must have heard of ‘Indian Timing’ where you ask someone to meet you at 9am and they rock up at 2pm? It’s a thing, trust me. Also, being British hasn’t beaten this out of me. Intro to a well-timed story (geddit?!) my parents and I were invited to our neighbours’ daughters’ wedding, the ceremony was to start at 2pm, I advised my parents not to be ‘Indian’ and that English ceremonies started ON TIME. I was so prepared, got them ready, got myself ready and told them we had to leave the house LATEST at 12.30pm, I have no idea what happened but next I looked the time was 12.50pm and it would take an hour to get to the venue, never mind trying to park where to park or adding for any ‘getting lost’ time! Thankfully we made it…barely…seated 3 minutes before the bride walked in! Phew and embarrassing!


  1. Looking good after a long haul flight


I am not a good traveller. I was coming back from India last year and had a stopover in Dubai.

I get serious travel sickness, the worst part being it’s not ALL the time it just creeps up on me. This was the first time I was flying back on my own on a long haul flight, maybe stress and anxiety or possibly over eating were to blame but I was quite ‘sick’ on the plane from Delhi to Dubai; not going to lie it did splash back onto me and I felt gross even after a quick wash, but hey there was only another 10 hours to go before I was home!

The girl next to me from Dubai to Birmingham was young, glamorous and immaculately dressed; when we both got off the plane she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine shoot, whilst I traipsed behind her with greasy hair, puke on my skirt, sweaty skin and smudged makeup; when people tell me stories of meeting their love travelling, I don’t believe them! Nobody would look twice at me, or they would but only in pity.

So a good traveller I am not. Advice on how to be so in economy is always gratefully received, especially as my trip to India this year is only 3 weeks away!


N.B…This is not an exhaustive list, there are many, MANY things I’m not good at, but these seemed to make the top 5 and were too short to write individual blogs about. Enjoy!

Have a good day 🙂 xo

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