On a clubhouse last night, we were discussing boundaries. Something I’m learning slowly to implement not just in my personal life but with work and my ghost-writing clients. I am a chronic people pleaser, which… View Post

If you have ever read what I’ve written or followed me on social media you know I speak from the heart, and sometimes a little bluntly. This particular blog has been playing on my mind… View Post

It has been one year to the day as we sat in anticipation in front of our TV screens waiting an announcement, we knew was weeks in the making. Boris Johnson addressing the UK, and… View Post

There will be a lot of first anniversary’s this year. Mine was on Friday, it was on that day 12 months ago, days before a national lockdown for a virus that was running rampage, that… View Post

I forgive you for my sheltered life I forgive you for the expectations being the eldest Your dutiful daughter I forgive you for the sacrifices I made I forgive you for the decisions that led… View Post