I don’t know at what age specifically this phenomenal occurs but at some point in your mid to late 20s there is a moment of realisation that your parents are becoming your kids. It’s not… View Post

When you finish reading a book and getting to love the characters and the story, it stays with you and I don’t know about you but I experience the cycle of despair when I finish,… View Post

  This probably won’t be a long post, but I saw the hashtag #NewYearNewMe trending on Twitter as it does every New Year and it just irked me. A week into the New Year and… View Post

So I’ve been trying to break up for a while … with my phone*. (*Irony (noun) using a memo on my phone to write half this blog) It just won’t let me with its notifications… View Post

Just to clarify I KNOW I am female before all the smartass comments start rolling in. The question is rhetorical. This blog briefly follows on from my post regarding superficiality and social media and I’ve… View Post