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Mani is an award-winning ghost writer. She set up two years ago due to the pandemic. As a creative she uses her skill to bring your stories and ideas to life in the written word.

Writing comes in many forms. Copywriting content for your web, blogs posts for your website or social media posts. Each have a unique style, language and layout. As a writer who can offer all of these my job is to make the world of words and content easier for you to navigate.

As a ghost writer, it’s a longer process and involves, talking, interviewing and getting to know you. It could be a business book, a memoir or a short story, I’m a big believer in there being a connection between you and the writer. It’s how the best stories are formed.


“Write (material) for someone else who is the named author”

If you have an idea for an autobiography, memoir, business book or short story then that’s where I come in.

As a ghostwriter I help you map, storyboard, plan and write so your vision comes to life.

Prices start from £5,000



“The activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material.”

All businesses and individuals need to be seen and copy is the way to sell your services to the masses. A good copywriter can use punchy sentences, catchphrase and snazzy wording to increase revenue.

My services offer one off pieces, series or keeping my services on retainer for up to 5 items of copy per month.

For bespoke one-off pieces contact me.


Blog Writing

“Informal, information pieces of writing to educate your readers.”

Blogs are great for social media, and driving traffic to your website. Content is King as they say. A 500-word blog, well written can not only educate but tell your followers you are the expert in your field.

My services offer one off blogs, series or keeping my services on retainer for up to 5 blogs per month.

Pricing starts from £750 p/month


Social Media

“Plan, engage, grow and increase customer loyalty.”

Social media, love it or hate it, it works wonders for personal branding and for business awareness. I can help with personal branding, writing LinkedIn posts, other social media content and advise on how to grow a following.

Contact for pricing, bespoke to each enquiry.