This post came to me on a train back from London after a work event, I’ve been back online dating this year and trying out this new site in the last couple of weeks and… View Post

I am no expert by any stretch of the imagination of different cultures and ways of life for a British Asian, Pakistani, European or White British person; or come to think of it the difference… View Post

So as my sister will tell you my hair is a constant source of topic/thought/debate and I’m sure she dreads when I get my next hair appointment, as the week leading up to it will… View Post

Being a Pedestrian This may sound like an odd thing not to be good at but it’s definitely one I suck at being. The reason this is on my list is that as someone who… View Post

Oh the tragedy that is my life. Having had to give up my sister three years ago to her husband, how rude of her to find her one true love, buy a flat in London… View Post