Now, anyone who has known me well over the last few years knows I’m a fervent Diljit Dosanjh fan so of course, last month I was excited when I heard he was bringing out another… View Post

If you’ve been following my blogs and social media, or even know me in real life you know that I’m a little bit tall. 5 ft 11 inches or roughly 183 cm depending on whatever… View Post

****CONTAINS SPOILERS**** I have always had two favourite genres when it comes to reading – crime and horror. As with most of my life of late, I came across ‘You Don’t Know Me’ Imran Mahmood’s… View Post

I had no idea what ‘Gold Start Lesbian’ meant, but luckily for me the woman whose story I’m about to tell informed me that it meant she was one as she’d never dated a guy!… View Post

I had the privilege of meeting Amer Anwar in person after reading his book Western Fringes last year. He gave me a lot of good advice on writing and I’m very excited about his journey… View Post